Vaccines (also called immunizations) create immunity in our bodies to protect us from infectious diseases. There is an extensive list of diseases that can be prevented with vaccination.   Ontario offers FREE vaccines to residents based on the Immunization Schedule. To learn what vaccines are available across the lifespan, visit the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) web page. All vaccines on the schedule are available through Anishnawbe Mushkiki.

More information about the diseases and the vaccines that help prevent them can be found on the MOHLTC’s Fact Sheets and Patient Tools web page.

Influenza or (also called “the flu”) is a viral infection that can lead to serious medical conditions and even death. The best way to fight the flu is to not get it in the first place. Yearly vaccinations help reduce your risk of getting the flu.

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We support and empower families and communities committed to preserving their culture and to living a balanced, traditional way of life while achieving optimal health and social well-being.

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Anishnawbe Mushkiki provides culturally safe, comprehensive care empowering patients through their health and wellness journey.  We offer health promotion, primary and traditional approaches to patient and family centred care.

Many of our programs are provided in partnership with other organizations in locations throughout Thunder Bay.

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