Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Child Nutrition Program

  • A program offered by Indigenous organizations across the province for families with children and youth who may have been affected by alcohol before birth.  This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
  • Our health promotion coordinators provide programs and support services for:
    • Indigenous pregnant women
    • Indigenous families with children newborn to 6 years old
    • Indigenous parents/caregivers wanting information on FASD, nutrition and parenting
    • Prenatal and postnatal supporting, parenting courses, cooking classes

Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)/Healthy Kids Strategy

  • The HEAL project involves several strategies to target healthy eating, active living, positive body image and living smoke free to children aged 7-13 years old.
  • The Healthy Kids Strategy provides opportunity and support for healthy eating and engaging with elders, and to increase traditional and recreational activities for youth ages 13 to 25 years old.
  • Our health promotion coordinators provide a multitude of activities in partnership with elementary and high schools, community hubs, and other local organizations.
  • Some programs include: Youth Healing with Crafts, Seven Grandfather Teachings, Healthy Food Choices and Food Safety, and Healing Journey Youth Forum.

Smoke Free Ontario

  • The Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy has greatly reduced tobacco use and lowered health risks to non-smokers in Ontario.
  • Extension of HEAL program
  • Anishnawbe Mushkiki was acknowledged as Smoke-Free Champion in the Thunder Bay District in May 2016.
  • Our health promotion coordinators work with our primary care team to provide: Quit cafes, smoking cessation counselling (group and individual), and Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) program in partnership with Centre of Mental Health and Addiction.

Our Services

We support and empower families and communities committed to preserving their culture and to living a balanced, traditional way of life while achieving optimal health and social well-being.

Aboriginal Health Access Centre

Anishnawbe Mushkiki provides culturally safe, comprehensive care empowering patients through their health and wellness journey.  We offer health promotion, primary and traditional approaches to patient and family centred care.

Many of our programs are provided in partnership with other organizations in locations throughout Thunder Bay.

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