March is known as Nutrition Month and is supported by Dietitians of Canada to promote food. The theme of 2019 is “Unlock the Potential of Food”.

Joining together with fellow Canadians, dietitians are highlighting the role food plays in our lives and in our health. Food has:

1) Potential to heal. This focuses on food and its role in healing our bodies from injury or sickness, but also how we use foods to manage health conditions like crohns disease, celiac disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, among many others.

2) Potential to discover. This is all about food and fun! Food should provide us opportunities to try a new recipe, try a new food or flavour or even discover and visit a farm to learn how food is produced and how it gets to our table. Help kids discover food and cooking with parents, grandparents and friends!

3) Potential to bring us together. This focuses on the importance of sharing food with others, how food is so important to our family, our culture, traditions and social networks. You are encouraged to eat with others, enjoy and celebrate food and remove distractions when eating to fully appreciate your meal.

4) Potential to fuel. This is about using food to give our bodies good energy to get through our busy days. Pack nutritious snacks, stay hydrated with water and keep your body strong to keep exercise as part of your day.

5) Potential to prevent. Food and nutrition can go a long way to prevent or reduce our risk of developing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease that includes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Healthy eating goes a long way!

At Anishnawbe Mushkiki, we will be promoting Nutrition Month this March.

Come see us March 14th from 11:30-1:30 in the Cedar Room for family activities, information booths and talk to our staff and dietitians about the potential of food for you!

In Thunder Bay, local dietitians are offering grocery store tours in March. Check out the Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s website for more details, or give them a call.

Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Follow these links to learn more about Nutrition Month:

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