A Poem for Southbridge Roseview

Life as we knew it -is a thing of the past

Covid-19 took over so fast.

Far and wide this virus has spread

It has caused fear, panic and many deaths.


When we are young- we pick our career

We’re told to choose wisely and go without fear.

We’re taught to be brave and a leader throughout

We’re taught to “trust your gut” and to never doubt.


Sometimes we depend on faith and prayers

Other times it’s coworkers and our ability to care.

Most times it’s knowledge and the confidence to speak

To have a voice and input for those that are weak.


We chose this profession,

but we did not know

There was a pandemic coming,

that continues to grow.


United we will stand and give hope to all,

We depend on each other if ever we may fall.

Let us be your net, and your safety line too,

We know you’re trying and your residents need you.


They need your comfort, your presence and your time,

They are without their loved ones-please keep this in mind.

They are worried, anxious and ever so scared

One small gesture reminds them you care.


And so we carry on, and trust we are not alone,

We will work tirelessly beside you and help you stay strong.

For you are our brothers and sisters alike,

Your family is here to help you fight a hard fight.


We look out for each other as it’s all we can do,

Many lives are depending on you!!


written by: Connie Lennox, RPN at Anishnawbe Mushkiki

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